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Where Excellence Meets Oral Surgery

Weinstock Oral Surgery

Welcome to Weinstock Oral Surgery

Dr. Weinstock is among the few American Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons practicing in Israel, specializing solely in this field since 2010. He provides care in Modi'in and the CT and MA regions of the USA. For referrals or queries, please contact us on WhatsApp with relevant imaging, and we typically respond within 24 hours at 053-8534786.
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Allen H.

HIGHLY recommend Dr. Weinstock! I went in for wisdom teeth removal yesterday extremely anxious and within the first 30 seconds of speaking with him I was immediately calmed by his uplifting demeanor and he was super professional by telling me everything he was doing while it was happening.

Cindy S.

Dr. Weinstock was terrific!! He was telling jokes & making me laugh during tooth extraction & had great music playing as well.

Nicole W.

My 16 year old daughter had a tooth extracted and Dr Weinstock was amazing. He explained everything in detail to us before he did anything. He played music during the procedure which she loved, and he just has a gentle, caring manor. Highly recommend!!

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Our Oral Surgery Services

Discover a range of specialized oral surgical procedures offered at Weinstock Oral Surgery. From tooth extractions to minimally invasive TMJ treatment, we have you covered. Click the links below to learn more.

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Tooth Extractions

With unparalleled training and unmatched experience, oral surgeons like Dr. Weinstock are the foremost experts in performing tooth extractions, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care and expertise available.


TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders encompass a diverse spectrum of diagnoses, each with its unique complexities. Dr. Weinstock is dedicated to thoroughly assessing and diagnosing your condition, guiding you towards the most effective path to recovery. 


Impacted wisdom teeth pose significant challenges and carry a heightened risk of complications during extraction. Only Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons undergo specialized training to expertly manage these cases, offering unparalleled skill and precision for optimal outcomes and minimized risks.


Dental Implants

While any dentist can perform dental implant procedures, the precision demanded by implant dentistry makes advanced training essential for a seamless experience. Enhanced expertise in implant dentistry significantly enhances the likelihood of a smoother, more successful implant surgery outcome, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.


Canine Exposures

Canine exposure surgery is a procedure performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons to expose impacted canine teeth that have failed to erupt properly. By facilitating the eruption of the canine tooth, this surgery helps to align the dental arches and improve overall oral function and aesthetics.

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Bone Grafts

Bone grafts and sinus lifts involve augmenting bone in areas of deficiency, crucial for successful dental implant placement. Dr. Weinstock's expertise as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon ensures precise execution of these procedures, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for patients seeking dental restoration. With his specialized training and experience, Dr. Weinstock is uniquely qualified to perform bone grafts and sinus lifts, facilitating effective implant placement and long-term dental health.

Oral Surgery


Dr. Weinstock's practice philosophy extends beyond ensuring patient comfort during the procedure at hand; it encompasses meticulous surgery aimed at enhancing patient comfort in the days to come. By prioritizing precision and thoroughness in every surgical intervention, Dr. Weinstock endeavors to secure enduring comfort and well-being for his patients well into the future.

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